Why Cybersecurity Awareness Training at work?

No matter what sophisticated security technology we use human being is involved in one way or another.People are an asset to businesses small or large. You need to continuously invest in training employee to have the right security awareness and behavior. Cybersecurity awareness training is the best way develop the right attitude, because people represent a large potential attack surface for every business, intentionally or unintentionally. The only way to patch people is via continuous training

Prevent clicking on a bad link that will cause infection

The only effective way to patch human behavior is enhancing their awareness by continuous training. Not training employee is equal to taking a risk of breach.  Not training employee is not only a risk of getting them click on malicious links but also leaves them open to social engineering.

What is Social engineering in Cybersecurity?

In terms of computer security, social engineering is a psychological manipulation of a human being, tricking employee, in order to gain illegal access to confidential information. Social engineering is a technique used by criminals and it is based on some specific attributes of employee decision making.

Cybersecurity awareness training will equip your employee in protecting phishing, tailings (an attacker seeking entry to restricted areas), quid pro quo (something for something) random callers who pretend to be from technical support and so on. The types of attacks used in social engineering can be used to steal employees’ confidential information, which then can be used for farther business data exploitation.








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Most common type of social engineering happens over the phone. Other examples of social engineering attacks are criminals posing as exterminators, fire marshals and technicians to go unnoticed as they steal company secrets. Most common social engineering attacks are:

  • Phishing (most common, email or malicious websites used to gain personal information by posing trustworthy)
  • Pretexting (fabricated scenario, building a false sense of trust with the victim, pretending as external IT service provider)
  • Baiting (to entice victims with an item or good from the criminals)
  • Quid Pro Quo (promise a benefit in exchange for information)
  • Tailgating/piggybacking (Someone with no authorisation following an employee into a restricted area.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Why Cyber Security Awareness Training ?

Cyber Security Awareness

In cyber security the weakest link is your employee, human being. In order to increase the level of security in your business it’s highly advised to modify employee’s attitude and behavior towards security posture.

Cyber security awareness training can be best achieved through a formalized format with minimum investment training at your premises. Cyber security awareness training will increase the over all appreciation of security throughout your business. It will enhance the knowledge that enables people not open suspicious emails, not to click on suspicious links from unknown sources.

Cyber security awareness training should not be targeted only to a single group or department, but for all of your employees in all departments.

Can you apply a patch to human being for Cyber security?

Unfortunately you cannot apply a cyber security awareness patch to human being. The closest patch you can apply is to educate your employee to basic cyber security hygiene, which comes through cyber security awareness training. Cyber Criminals take great advantage of social engineering by psychologically manipulating employees who are not trained to cyber security awareness . Tricksters can socially engineer employees to work their way into your crucial customer or company data if you do not cyber educate your employees.

Why cyber security awareness?

Cyber security is all about protecting your computer-based data and information asset from unauthorised access, modification and destruction. Having good Cyber security enhances the reputation of your business and can open up more opportunities.

Vast numbers of companies now use the cyber space to do business, to buy and sell, find partners, communicate with customers and suppliers for most financial transactions. The Internet has made our world one village by bringing huge business opportunities and benefits to all that are willing to use it. This also brings risks and more challenges. Every single day there are cyber attacks on UK companies like yours and all over the globe.

No one can ever be 100% safe, but most cyber attacks can be    prevented or detected with basic cyber security education and practices for your staff following the right processes, policies and procedures of protecting your IT systems. These security practices are as important as locking your doors every evening or putting your valuables in a safe.

No company needs to be an IT expert to improve their cyber security. Simple measures like investing in training for your employee can make huge a difference in cyber protection.

Basic cyber hygiene and efficient risk management of your information assets would give your business a great advantage over your competitors and increase your profitability.

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