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With companies and businesses becoming more and more dependent on the Internet technologies, cyber crime has increased manifold. The cyber criminals are lurking everywhere on the web and are after money, valuable data, and intellectual properties.

In the recent past, nearly all the big businesses have reported cyber breaches and attacks. If you have still not taken any action against cyber crime, you could be the next victim of the unscrupulous criminals. If you have your business on the web, it is crucial to get proper protection against cyber crime.

What is Cyber Essentials Certifications?

The cyber security certification scheme – Cyber Essentials is backed by the Government. This scheme underlines all the security measures that companies should undertake to prevent cyber criminals to get access to valuable data.

Security Measures Guaranteed by the Scheme

  • This scheme is designed to be suitable for all organizations in all sectors.
  • There are five key controls, which when implemented correctly will efficiently prevent almost 80% of attacks!
  • The controls mentioned under the Cyber Essentials focuses on all threats that are widely present on the Internet.

Significance of Cyber Essentials Certifications

  • It will keep safe your business’s valuable data and information.
  • With it, the company to proudly flaunt that it meets Government-endorsed cyber security standards.
  • It will help you to demonstrate your company’s seriousness towards cyber security to the stakeholders, customers, and supply chains.
  • All the above factors help in building trust, which is advantageous for the company or business in the long run.

How is Cyber Essentials Certification helping your business?

If you have already received the certificate, but are wondering about the ways it is helping your business to ditch the cybercriminals, read on…

By implementing the certification, your company is actually mitigating against certain common types of cyber attacks. Phishing is one of the primary cyber crimes that every business should stay away from. It is a malware infection that affects with just a click on any malicious website links or suspicious email attachment. As soon as the computer gets affected, important information and valuable data get out of your system. Hacking is the most common as well as the most dangerous cybercrime nowadays. It exploits the vulnerabilities of the internet connected devices and servers. The hackers use a lot of malicious tools and techniques to get to the systems of unsuspecting businesses.

5 key controls of Cyber Essentials Certification

As discussed, there are a total of 5 key controls outlined in the cyber essentials strategy. Given below is a short discussion on each:

  • Security Configuration
    This refers to the safety measures implemented during installation of computers and networks in order to prevent any kind of cyber vulnerabilities. This often involves not using default passwords for different devices and systems. In addition to this, unnecessary software installed in the systems and servers should be removed. Likewise, there are other measures that could be taken at the time of installing computers and networks, which can prevent cyber attacks to a certain extent.
  • Boundary firewall and Internet gateways
    Gateways and Firewalls provide a basic protection during accessing the Internet. The firewalls are programs that prevent any kind of cyber attacks or external threats from criminals to. Firewalls monitor all network traffic. They can identify and block unwanted traffic to the site immediately. Thus, your computers, networks, and systems remain safe.
  • Access controls and administrative privilege management
    According to the guidelines given in this section, special access privileges should be given only to a few authorized individuals within an organisation. According to the Data Breaches Investigation Report of 2014, around 88% of the threat incidents occur due to privilege abuse.
  • Patch management
    It is all about keeping the software installed on networks and computer systems updated. This helps in preventing low level cyber attacks. Any software installed in the system or in networks is often vulnerable to attacks by the cybercriminals. Hackers often take undue advantage of the vulnerabilities of the operating system software. It is also important for any third-party software to be properly updated and patched to be able to prevent the cybercriminals to get easy access to your system. There are certain practices that should be avoided like use of unlicensed and unsupported software.
  • Malware protection
    There is a range of malware that you need to seek protection against – worms, viruses, ransomware, botnet, and spyware. Opt for proper cyber security measures to protect your computer, your data, and your privacy from unscrupulous cyber attacks. Hackers often put malicious software into the trusted websites. Thus, it is important to install proper anti-malware solutions in the systems that can do malicious website blacklisting effectively.

What should you do now?

You must choose an agent that offers Cyber Essential services, which will help your business to be accredited. Such a company has experts who will help you to process the certification questionnaire. It will also guide you through the entire process so that getting a certificate becomes easier.

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