Partners and Security strategy

Security strategy is crucially important in today’s world both in the real world as well as the virtual world. Security is a business operation issue as it is an organizational process; it’s not something the IT geeks do behind the scene. At Securedtech our business is serving you as your IT security guards, taking care of all the security requirements for your business needs.

In order to properly serve you we have carefully chosen, well known vendors. Securedtech has partnerships with Cisco Systems, Dell, Microsoft & McAfee. These strategic partners enable Securedtech to our clients with their IT security problems of small (including one man band) to medium size businesses.

Cisco Systems strategic partnership

Cisco is a world renowned IT security service provider with a rich history. Cisco offers a wide range of security services to all sizes of businesses. Securedtech is a select partner with Cisco and we bring all hardware and software security solutions and we support your business 24/7.

Its solutions help business to analyze any attacks or hidden exploits in the system and responds effectively and immediately. Cisco provides consistent and context aware security services for any infrastructure.

Dell Plc as Strategic partner

Dell believes that IT security is not just defending perimeters. A perfectly aligned IT security strategy is essential for growth and innovation in any business. Dell’s security solutions reduce the risk and complexity that would help the business to move forward. Dell’s solutions would help to:

  • Protect the complete enterprise in and out, effectively and proactively
  • Comply with governance policies as well as external regulations
  • Adoption of newer applications and technology as they arrive

Strategic Partnership with Microsoft

Microsoft’s IT security services team consists of a highly skilled team of architects, consultants and engineers who help business transform with the help of technology. It has tremendous depth and breadth in the IT security services it offers, which it intends to bring altogether for the client. The expertise it has across its product portfolio along with its partners, technical communities, tools, diagnostics and channels in maintained while serving a client.

Our Strategic partnership with McAfee/Intel Security

McAfee is part of Intel security, which makes huge positive difference to the way we support our customers. McAfee believes that security practitioners should evolve their approach as the volume and complexity of threats are increasing. An integrated security system would enable organizations to block threats. McAfee centers itself to enable a safe and connected world. McAfee helps business to integrate dynamic endpoint, intelligent analysis, cloud-delivered security, and centralized management into an adaptive system that protects, detects, and corrects today’s threats. Intel Security /McAfee believes in the threat defense life cycle in the form of protecting, detecting and correcting

Free Security Assesment

We offer a free comprehensive Security assessment in 16 areas of vulnerability so, that the problem is approached head on to save our clients time and money.

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